Tabitha's Gift

6 year old Tabitha in PNG has impaired hearing. Her mum Vero says that can be a challenge...

“Tabitha was born fine, but when she was 8 months old she had cerebral malaria. This affected her hearing.

When I found out about this problem, I was worrying so much I almost lost my mind.

When Tabitha grows up, if she has challenges in her life, how will she share them with me?"

Through your Christmas Action gift, you can help children like Tabitha make the most of the life God has given them. 

PLUS a 3:1 Australian Government Grant means every $ you give for PNG is matched with $$$ - to stretch your care even further!


A special gift

Vero continues:

"I think Jesus has a special place for children like Tabitha.

I would like Tabitha to become a nurse to care for people like her with a similar disability. There is a big challenge in the hospital now because the nurses don’t know how to communicate.

This will be a gift Tabitha can give.”

Through your Christmas Action gift, you help:

   - support people with disabilities
   - train volunteers to teach adult literacy
   - encourage church members to set up kindergartens in poor areas
   - provide health services for those who are poor
   - equip Sios Wokmeri (female church workers) for community work
   - train school counsellors in conflict resolution

Who delivers your care?

Your help is delivered by the Lutheran Church in PNG. With more than 1.5 million members, much of your care is offered by Lutheran volunteers going house-to-house. Women are hands on and up-front, showing the love of God in their life by giving practical care.

What’s exciting is the Lutheran Church in PNG benefits from the aid and development work through ALWS, plus the ongoing mission and evangelism work of LCA International Mission.

Remember, ALWS can match every $ you give for PNG with $$$ from the Australian Government Grant - PLUS your donation is tax-deductible!


Meet the people you help!

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