ALWS Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Guiding Principles

Each of the following principles is important to the work of ALWS.  Collectively they shape and determine the work of the organisation.

we serve with unconditional love

We serve all people who are poor or marginalised, expecting nothing in return.  

we support the inclusion of all people

We work to ensure that people have the opportunity to be included in the planning, implementation and assessment of the work which is designed to support them. Particular effort is taken to ensure that those who are marginalised by age, gender, disability, ethnicity, social class, religion, political opinion or other characteristics are included.

we work for the empowerment of others

Our intention is to enable people to determine and control their own development, guided by a focus on long-term sustainability.

we respect and uphold people's dignity

We uphold human value and dignity which have their basis in God’s act of creation, where all people are made in God’s image, and in the redemptive love that is won through Jesus Christ.

we work for justice

Consistent with the church’s prophetic vocation, we express our solidarity with people who suffer from poverty and marginalisation through advocacy for justice – aspiring to speak out with courage and enabling others to speak out and be heard.

we work in partnership

We seek alliances with others who share a commitment to alleviating poverty and promoting justice. Our partnerships are marked by mutual respect, interdependence, and learning from and with each other so all are transformed.

we make good use of God's gifts

We recognise what we are able and unable to do as an organisation and are honest about what support and resources we can provide and why.

we are accountable

We are accountable to those we seek to assist, working with them to ensure the best use of available resources.

We will be transparent with those who support our work, enabling them to experience the joy of sharing in such a partnership.

we value the people who work with us

We work collegially for the good of the organisation and each other. We recognise the dedication and talent of those who work with us and promote their well-being. We welcome the commitment, interest and generosity of supporters.

we value reflection

We do not have absolute knowledge and seek to learn and improve so that our work for others will be the best that we can offer. In doing this, we also recognise what out limitations are as an organisation.