Village Partnership


'Water' they think of next?

Each year some parts of Cambodia receive up to 4000mm of rain (4 times more than the east coast of Australia in a normal year). Other parts of Cambodia face drought. Changing climate
creates even more challenges with water.

That’s where a Gifts of Grace Village Partnership can help.

You partner with a village (and the Australian Government) through ALWS. The community decides the project that will help them most: a spillway (like you see in photo) to store water to irrigate crops. Perhaps a road so goods can be transported, and children go to school, even in the rainy season. A community fishpond to provide income all year round.

You receive:
• Village Profile – who, what, where, why
• Concept Note – what you build together
• 6 Month Report – see project progress
• Success Report – your impact in 12 months!

Your partnership can help 200 families build a better life!

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