Lenga-Lenga Lunch

Lenga-lenga is a leafy green vegetable that grows well in Burundi. You might know it as amaranth.

Like many other vegetables, lenga-lenga is very nutritious for children. It contains Vitamins A and C, calcium, and is high in dietary fibre.

Your Gift of Grace of vegetable seedlings for a family kitchen garden in Burundi includes lenga-lenga, along with:

  • carrot
  • onion
  • cabbage
  • sweet pepper
  • tomato.

Because the seedlings have already had time to grow in a community nursery, they are more likely to thrive when planted in the home garden.

Regine from Burundi says, ‘I can now eat fresh leaves and sell some at the market. It means I can buy salt, oil and soap. Thank you!’

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