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Egg-stra Egg-cellent

Fadhlan wants to be Indonesia’s best soccer player.  

But coming from a poor family, and living with a disability*, even affording school fees was a struggle. Your gift to a family like Fadhlan’s is practical help to start a home business. Fadhlan’s dad, Adeili, says:  

“The best support was learning about chicken raising. We have about 30 chickens. Fadhlan can sell the eggs. We also sold some baby chickens to pay the school fees.”  

Kick off with kindness today!  

*Fadhlan was born with part of his tongue missing. Teased at school, he often came home broken-hearted. Dad, Adeili, says he too suffered ‘hard words’ from the community, but persisted supporting his son. “This is what God has given to my family and we accept it.” Now, Fadhlan’s teachers say he is ‘one of the treasures of the school.’ 

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