Twice as GRACEful

Did you know the average time someone is a refugee is 17 years?

That’s why school is so important for children trapped in that limbo.

Through the ALWS GRACE Project, you can Give Refugees A Chance with Education. Just $26 can support a refugee child at school for a whole year!

What a joy to give a gift that lasts a lifetime by choosing a GRACE child Gift of Grace.


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    Jobs Set

    Give 3 gifts in 1!

    Your Jobs Set contains: Farm Tools, Shoe Repair Kit, and Tailoring Kit. 

    Extra Care Set

    Give 3 gifts in 1!

    Your Extra Care Set contains: Girls Hygiene Pack, Elder Care Sessions, and Disability Care Kit. 


    Build a classroom, build a new future

    If children in South Sudan are to have a chance at a better future, schools are vital.