Farm Partnership


See Your Harvest GROW - Burundi!

Through ALWS Gifts of Grace, you can partner a Farm Group in Burundi for a year, and help up to 20 of the community’s most at-risk families.

Your Burundi Farm Partnership trains and supports farmers to:

  • grow enough food to feed their families year-round
  • store seeds to plant next season
  • sell surplus to buy household essentials
  • expand and diversify their farm business

ALWS will provide you with Seasonal Reports direct from Burundi, so you can see the progress of your Gifts of Grace Farm Partnership. 25 Farm Partners are needed now! 

“Before the project, I had to work as a laborer in the fields to get money. I was so poor that I didn’t have soap to wash my clothes. I had no farm animals.

My land is 40 x 35 m. I planted 12 kilos of seeds but only harvested 20 kilos. Now, with organic manure and fertiliser, for the same area I harvested 100 kilos of beans. I used to use 5 kilos of corn seed and harvest 35 kilos. After the training, I harvested 200 kilos.”

Richard Ndabumviye - Cooperative Secretary, dad, Burundi

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