Biogas Digester


Pig-poo to people power!

What do you do with 30kg of animal poo? In Cambodia, you turn it into power – with a biogas digester!

This amazing Gift of Grace for a family in Cambodia includes:

  • bricks
  • cement
  • gravel
  • coarse and fine sand
  • inlet PVC pipe
  • iron bars
  • binding wire
  • paint
  • gas pipe
  • valve
  • gas tap
  • single burner stove
  • biogas lamp
  • pressure gauge

The benefits of Biogas Plants are numerous:

Economic - Savings for the poor household on fuel and fertilizer and increased crop yield with bio-slurry

Health - Less smoke borne disease and less flies near the pig pen

Environmental - Preservation of forest, less greenhouse gases and less pollution from dumping of manure

Social - Light to improve the quality of education and girls’ attendance at school higher because they no longer have to collect firewood.

You gift gives all of this!

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