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Here at ALWS we are committed to providing schools with resources that can inspire, equip and encourage students to explore their role in issues like social justice, human rights and development.


We'd love to come and help inpire your students to change lives. Our sessions include stories and activities to help your students learn about the developing world. Whether it's in chapel or the classroom, in-person or virtual, half a day or 30 minutes, we can do it! Click on Themes below to see what we can offer - then drop us a line to arrange a time that suits you!

Online resources

Need classroom resources to help your students learn about social justice and development? Look no further! Here you'll find fact sheets, activities, powerpoints, videos ... across all year levels, with links to the Australian curriculum AND focusing on a number of Australia-relevant countries. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know so we can help! Action!

After students have learnt about poverty and injustice, they often ask: "what can I do to help?" Our Community Action Officers can support your action initiatives, and also offer you a wide range of options that link to your students’ interests.

Gifts of Grace

Gifts of Grace are a fun and easy way to give as a school community - including 5 gifts under $10! To order as many FREE Gifts of Grace catalogues as you'd like, simply get in touch - or browse online now!

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Walk My Way

Walk My Way gives you the chance bring your school community together in a 26km walking challenge - and raise money to help refugee kids go to school!

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Refu.Me Challenge

Could your students live as a refugee for a day? They'll receive a FREE ‘Passport’, and do 10 activities in one day to feel how tough life can be as a refugee.

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What's My Business

Want to teach your students about finance, business and managing money ... and how they can help others at the same time? Then What's My Business is for you!

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Friends for life

Helen Keller once said, ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’. That’s why ALWS is so thankful to have friends like LLL Australia to support the work you do for others through ALWS.

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