Your Christmas Action: 10,000 children ... 100 days!

This Christmas, you're needed to help refugee children
get back to school after COVID-19.

PLUS send your Count On Me Number Runner
to let a child know they aren't forgotten!

Back to school

Just as COVID-19 changed the way we ‘did’ school in Australia in 2020 … so it changed school for the children in crisis you help through ALWS.

Whether children fled to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya (like Masega in photo), Displaced Persons Camps in Somalia, or simply safe places in South Sudan, COVID-19 has put their education at risk.

While no one knows what the future will bring, these children must not be forgotten.

Through ALWS GRACE Project, you can support a child in school for one year for $26.

Essentials like school-books. Trained teachers (like Walid in photo). School desk. Uniform. Clean water to protect against COVID. Even school lunches!

Our ALWS aim in the 100 days from 22 November 2020 to 1 March 2021 is to support 10,000 children to go to school in 2021…

...because school today is a blessing always!

10,000 children … 100 days.

That’s a bold target, especially after everything Australia has gone through with COVID-19 …

… yet you only have to sit down with a mum like Diing in a place like Kakuma to see how precious your gift of school will be. Diing was looking forward to being married in South Sudan, but conflict forced her to flee.

Now Diing has hopes for her son, Wafula:

“I did not go to school myself,
so I am happy when I see my son go to school.
When he gets an education,
this will give him a better future.”


Meet the children you help

Older children like Fatima, who have missed out on school.
Children with special needs like Meron.
Orphans, like the 3 cousins who aim to be doctor, teacher and lawyer...
and hear how your kindness changes lives!

How you help

Just $26 can support a refugee child in school for one year.

Your gift can help provide everything you see below, PLUS rebuild classrooms, provide desks, supply school uniforms. Your help varies from school to school to give the help needed most urgently. Your gift of education to a child can never be taken away

PLUS help a child learn, and let them know they aren't forgotten
with your Count On Me Number Runner!

School books

Books to write in.

Teacher training

Equip refugees to teach.
Upgrade teaching skills.

School lunches

Simple. Healthy.
A child’s best meal all day!

Special needs

Ensure children with extra needs don’t miss out.

Clean water

Safe to drink.
Add soap to protect against COVID-19.

Count On Me Number Runner

You can send this gorgeous Number Runner card to a refugee child. Simply drop us a line at [email protected], or call us on 1300 763 407 to request your FREE Number Runner!

Look what you’ve done so far!



Thanks to Grade 2/3s at St Michael’s Lutheran School Hahndorf SA
and Grade 3 at Geelong Lutheran College VIC for the beautiful drawings!


Download Treasurer’s Reconciliation Sheet here