Children of War: Your Christmas Action

Can you care for a child of war this Christmas?
Our Australian Lutheran family is working in the toughest places on earth
looking after children fleeing war …

… can your Christmas celebration this year include caring for one of these child victims?

From crisis to classroom

You can’t see the burn scar on Abdikadi’s arm.

It’s brutal.

When the wind blew over the lamp in their hut, Abdikadi could have died. He was only 5.

Mum Kafia simply gives thanks he is alive.

This little family are refugees from the war in Somalia. Life in the refugee camp is hard, but the family are grateful they are safe.

This Christmas you can help a child survivor of war go to school.

Our ALWS partner LWF (Lutheran World Federation) is the largest partner of the United Nations in this devastated part of the world (where the Australian Government ‘Smart Traveller’ website warns ‘Do Not Travel’) …

… yet through ALWS this Christmas that’s where you can care for children in crisis.

School is where a traumatised child can feel safe. Where an orphan child can make new friends. Where a child who has missed out on school because of war can start to catch up.

As we celebrate how God’s love stretched across eternity to give us the gift of Jesus, I pray you may be moved to bring your love to life by caring for a child of war this Christmas.

Who you help

You will be part of an Australia-wide Lutheran family effort to care for children fleeing war
that has made their countries the worst places on earth. South Sudan. Somalia. Yemen.

Meet the children, and hear their stories.


Yemen. Bombed.

5 year old Taaliah is a refugee from Yemen. She attends the pre-school centre our LWF team provides in Djibouti for children of refugees.


South Sudan. Orphaned.

After their parents were killed by the war in South Sudan, 17 year olds Deng and Kuie now ‘parent’ the surviving children.


Somalia. Burned.

Abdikadi is 6 years old. His family are from Somalia, but have been refugees so long both he and his mum Kafia were born in the refugee camp in Djibouti.

How you will help

Every $26 you donate can help a child of war go from crisis to classroom,
by providing teachers, textbooks, and tables.

Give Teachers

You can help train refugees to be teachers. Average class size is over 100, and children may be traumatised. Teachers in core subjects like Science, Maths and English needed.

Give Textbooks

Refugee children like these at Kakuma Camp in Kenya need books, pencils and crayons. Their Principal Asende says: 'I like teaching so much. I want these children to get knowledge like I have.'

Give Tables

Student Hayet is so grateful for her new school at Ali Addeh Refugee Camp in Djibouti, built with gifts from generous people like you. Desks and chairs were also provided.


Here you'll find powerpoint slides, PLUS bulletin and newsletter inserts for sharing Christmas Action at your church or school.

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