Bringing your love to life - for 70 years!

Since 1950, people like you have been caring for others through ALWS.

Let's celebrate together the changes
you've brought to so many lives!

Side by side

When ALWS began 70 years ago, war-scarred people from Europe needed new places to live, and Australia needed new workers … and so began a 20 year exodus of more than 300,000 people to Bonegilla Migrant Centre near Albury.

The journey from Europe took weeks. Arriving at Port Melbourne, weary families then boarded a train for the rattly 8 hour journey to Bonegilla – just a few lights in a siding in a paddock. These people looking for a better life must have wondered where they’d ended up!

Yet you were there, welcoming them with open arms. Helping them find their feet. Listening to their worries and hopes for the future.

* * *

70 years later, you still walk alongside people in need. Growing veggies in Cambodia. Building a brick house in Burundi. Helping refugee children in Kenya go to school.

Today, you work in 11 countries through ALWS. Last year you helped 297,498 people!

Thank you for all you've done for people since 1950. Let's celebrate God's goodness together!

Your Bonegilla memories

Did you know that 1 in 20 Australians has a connection to Bonegilla?
Read on to hear stories of sizzling heat, snakes - and safety.

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'I remember the kindnesses'

Margrit Friebel (nee Schmidt) shares her memories of fur coats, freedom, and fear of long drop loos!


Sliding in socks

Kathryn Henschtke recalls roof possums, riding bikes, and rowdy Thursday night drinks.


'The language of love'

Here you'll find more memories of Bonegilla. Watch out for red-bellied blacks and Red Rattler trains!

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Meet the people you help. Hear from ALWS partners who take your support to those who need it.
Learn more about how you've cared for others for 70 years!

Thank you x70!

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Where you bring love

Come with us around the world - and meet the people you help through ALWS!

Side by side,
every step of the way

When ALWS began 70 years ago, it was so our Lutheran family could walk alongside people in need. And that’s exactly what you still do today…

Powered by partners

Positive partners take your care to those who need it PLUS provide support within Australia. Here are their birthday wishes and thanks to you!

Awareness to action

ALWS + Lutheran Schools = fired-up students! Hear from students, teachers and Lutheran Education leaders.

The miracle of your care

Pastor Steve Schultz shares a message about bread, fish - and the care you give.

Serving from the heart

A Bible study on loving and caring for others, by Pastor Simon Cooper

Taking care of your care

ALWS has been blessed with energetic and passionate leaders. Here are their messages of thanks to you.

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